Novomatic – one Empire

Thirty seven years ago in Austria, Wien was created one great company a dominant  in the world of betting. The company is having offices in 43 different countries all around the globe.

The most important thing is to stay in one industry , to make a honest name and to create history. It is not only about slots, innovation and great name, which is easy to get recognized and remembered. It is a question of great will to create future, value and power. In the online gambling sector it is a question of pride and respect. As most of you know, there are plenty of different gaming providers in different parts of Europe, Asia and Northern America.
My experience with Novomatic dates back in time from the year of 2007. Many friends in Austria and Germany have had the experience of paying their slots in different casinos and bars. By now the company have sold over 230 000 machines. Yes, the figures look more magnificent. It is kind of magic.
Behinds all these magical moments there are over 24 000 employees, who are bringing value, happiness and great power to the name of Novomatic. On all the gaming conferences they are shining like diamonds, not because they are showing great magnificence, it is because they are feeling comfortable on a throne in one great Empire.
Let’s take a look at some key facts about this honorable company :
– 1980 the company was founded. 
– headquarters – Austria, Gumpoldskirchen
– Number of locations – 43 countries.
– Key people – Johann Graf – owner, founder and president of the company.
– Revenue 3,2 billion Euro by 2012 
– Operating income – 359 mln Euro.
– Subsidiaries – Admiral , Talarius 
– Official web-site –
One of the most interesting facts is that to be a giant in one industry is great challenge. Only the best achieve it and make a bigger difference every year comapting with the competition.

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